Lined Performance Shorts - 7" Camo

$22 $44
These are your going to be your favorite shorts.  They have a 4 way stretch outer shell and a breathable, soft and smooth, inner-liner.  This short was specifically designed for all day comfort and performance.  90% polyester / 10% elastane

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Scott Mitchell

Nice and very well made

These shorts are fire 🔥

These are some of the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever put on. The inner lining fits comfortably and doesn’t ride up. You’re missing out if you don’t buy all of them.

?? Lined Shorts ??

I’ve always been skeptical about shorts that have a built-in liner. I even would cut the netting out of swimming trunks. Truth be told, liners in shirts are usually uncomfortable.
I tried a pair from a name-brand active wear company, and they were uncomfortable. I decided to try the honey hole lined performance shirts, and these are the supreme lined shirts in my experience. I’ve worn them twice. The first time was a couple hours at home with little to no activity. But the 2nd time was today. I wore them all day today, and was active outside in 90+ degree weather for about 6-7 hours. Not a moment of bunching, twisting, pinching, crawling, riding, or chafing. IYKYK! If you are looking for a lined performance short, start here. Good work HH!

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