Millennium Marine

Millennium Spyder Lok Rod Holder

We believe this is the best constructed rod holder made on the market. Designed for spider rig fishing, this rod holder allows you to easily have up to 4 poles positioned exactly how you want it. It's made from an all aluminum anodized construction Great for salt or fresh water Easily accommodates 4 rod heads with its 24” crossbar Smooth and easy pole angle adjustment Easy two knob removal Mounting plate is flush with carpet - No more stumped toes No tools necessary for use Our patented Spyderlok Technology insures tight secure locking angles Exclusive height adjustable crossbar 12” - 24” 360° rotational cross bar 360° rod holder rotation Sure lock adjustments with SpyderLok teeth Designed for spyder rigging For pushing or pulling crank baits For long lineing Fast or slow troll with easy Rugged design built to handle what you throw at it 3 year warranty

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