Honey Hole Outdoors

Short Sleeve - Bass Cowboy


Yee-Haw is the only way to describe the all-new "Bass Cowboy" design.

90% cotton 10% polyester

Color: Natural
Please note: there's small grey specs of fabric in this material from the factory.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Hunt
Happy Customer!

I heard about the shop through the Unashamed Podcast with the Robertson Family. I am happy to support small business with fabulous product. Will definitely shop again!

Collierville Crappie Cowboy
Bass Cowboy more like instant legend!

In the wide expanse of west Tennessee, there straddled a legend among the less-than-stellar anglers, whose skill with a rod and reel was the punchline of campfire tales. Then, on one particularly auspicious day, as the delivery truck meandered into my dusty little town, dragging spring warmth behind it, it bore the most unexpected cargo: the Bass Cowboy t-shirt. Little did I suspect, this seemingly ordinary garment was no run-of-the-mill tee; it was a vessel of extraordinary power. The moment I pulled it over my head, a jolt of electricity zapped through me, imbuing my very being with unparalleled fishing prowess. With a flick of my wrist, I could cast my line with the precision of a surgical scalpel, and with a mere murmur, I could summon fish from the deepest depths and the most elusive hideouts. Now, decked out in my Bass Cowboy attire, I've become a force to be reckoned with, conquering rivers and lakes with the swagger of a true cowboy. These newfound abilities have turned me into an overnight sensation amongst anglers and cowpokes alike, forever etching my name into the annals of fishing folklore in Collierville, Tennessee. Yee-haw!

Oh, it fits also. :)

Leah Sharpe
So cute!

I love the picture on the back!
The quality of shirt is great, it is soft and my husband wears it often. Love The Honey Hole, will be buying more stuff from you guys.

Kylie Marshall
Western fishing T

Absolutely LOVE this shirt, me and my husband are western and we hunt and fish! It would be totally awesome if a version was made for Turkey and Deer hunters too!! We would definitely buy it!

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